If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it is filled with daily news articles about what's been happening in Washington. The hardest hit, it would seem, are the non-profit, advocacy groups, and community agencies that support so many groups. 

Here is my question: how are you going to respond? Here is my solution: you need to keep fighting. You need to keep reaching your donors. You have an active pool of donors who want to wise up, act up, volunteer, and get out there and pound the pavement. You have to reach them. 

The Action Plan:

Tell your story: Focus on the story of your organization. Showcase how you have fought for years to protect the rights of citizens. Show the world how you have been out there, plotting and mobilizing. Your history matters. It brings people into your story. It connects with older donors and rallies younger donors. Tell your story, honor the stories of today, and honor the stories of your audience. They donate because their story is tied to your mission, your history, and your purpose. Bring them back to the "why" they are giving.

Get the message right: Think about what you want to say. Think about what matters to you. Focus on the tangible action items that will bring you into the next chapters ahead. What matters right now? What needs to be solved right now? What are you fighting for right now? Consider how your message is reaching those audiences. What avenues are you using?

Get the word out: If it's a rally, get people to attend it. Get the message right. Create branding materials, create videos, let your staff loose with their iPhones. Bring your message to the voices of your community. If it's a campaign video, interview the right people, create a narrative that walks the viewer through your story. Make it more than just a company profile. Make the viewer realize how vital their donations are right now. If it's social media, engage with your audience, pose questions, include them in the dialogue, and connect with fellow thought leaders. Too many times, non-profits work in silos. Don't. Not anymore. The rules have changed. It's time for your rules to change, too.

These are just a few ways of making sure your message finds its way to an audience who needs it. To learn more, drop us a line. We'd love to help.