Healthcare is facing harsh realities. Rules are being put in place that hurt healthcare. To respond to the changing tides, Healthcare systems need to make the case known to their donors how important philanthropic giving is. Donors needs to realize the pivotal role that they play in ensuring that the community will continue to receive the best possible care. What this country is also facing down is the fact that too many counties and small towns don't have access to the doctors and providers that can help their families. Some have to travel for miles just to receive proper care. There is something wrong in this and donors must respond.

How do we get the message out there?

Tell the story: Make your donors aware of the complications that you face and how you need their assistance at this most critical hour. To do this, highlight the men and women who help make your hospital the best that it is. The nurses who work day in and day out, the physicians who take calls late into the night. People want to know you're there for them. And they want to hear from you.

Patient Testimonials: Hear from patients and patient families. Reach out to them, learn who they are, and share their stories across your web and social media channels. Connecting a personal story to a giving initiative can go a long way in reaching donors. It puts a face to the cause and emboldens people to give.

Events: Small and large-scale community events will help get the word out about what you are facing. Create events that honor cancer survivors, your Pediatric units, your Labor and Delivery units. Create events that engage not only your employees and their families, but the families in the communities in which you serve. Come to their town, connect with their residents, show that you are there for them.

Too many healthcare systems are strapped for funds, too many are in dire circumstances. It's essential that healthcare systems show the value in contributing and it's time that donors become more consistently engaged.