This past weekend, we saw the power of a community to respond. In one weekend, the ACLU received over $20MIllion in donations. In one weekend, Americans across the country mobilized and took over airports to protest the ruling. What does this show us? People will fight for the causes they believe in. People will support communities who are being threatened. Now more than ever, nonprofits have to think about how they are messaging their constituents. And even more than that, nonprofits have to respond to the times we live in. It can't be business as usual. There is no such thing anymore.

Meaningful Social Media

At Glitter Corps, we work with nonprofits and advocacy firms to help them align their message and create a communications strategy that works for them. You saw this weekend the power of social media. If you are not connecting with your followers on social media, you are not reaching them in the way you should. Too often, nonprofits don't see the benefit in social media engagement. We think this is a miss. With a coordinated plan, with content that moves people, with messaging that speak to your cause, you can change minds and bring in donors.

Where do you fit in

The question now is: how do you keep going? How do you build momentum? How do you show that your cause matters? How do you stand out? Every nonprofit should be asking these questions. And that starts with figuring out your brand archetype.  Think about what your organization really offers. What experience are you offering your clients?

It's About Hope, People

But even more than that, what kind of hope are you instilling in your customers? How are you making them feel about their donation? We need hope now. We need to know that our money is going to make this world a better place. You have to instill that sense of purpose and pride in customers. They have to know that their money is going to mean something. People know the ACLU is going to fight for them. They know Planned Parenthood is going to go to battle for them. What hope are you giving your donors?