Video – Video is a great way to showcase your story. You can do this through personal interviews as well as photo montages. It breaks up the event and gives your guests room to breathe

Performance – Bring in performers to open and close the event. Make it fun, make it lively give it purpose. 

Your hosts – Your emcees aren’t just there to move the night along. They are vital to what people see and hear. Do they have hidden talents? Do they want to do something more off-the-cuff? Whatever it is, listen to them and think of ways to involve them

Music – Do more with your music than just standard walk-in music. Showcase a decade spanning mix of music. Bring in music people aren’t used to. Connect with a DJ and get him to do more than just play the hits.

Invites – Your invite is a chance to showcase your event from the very beginning. If you’re a business school doing an event, how can your invite be just as intelligent as your school? Maybe make a maze, maybe make it a question and answer, make the recipient have fun with your invite. Whatever it is, make it personal and make it feel like you