We all love Broadway. We all love going to the shows, meeting the performers, both backstage and at the stage door. But another great, often overlooked thing is that there are Broadway talents throughout the city who aren’t always in shows. This is a prime opportunity for you to bring them to your event. 

Case in point: I reached out to a Broadway singer for an event I was helping with last year. Together, we chose two songs she knew she could knock out of the park. I connected her with a music director, they met up in the city, and she showed up on the day of event, ready to crush it. 

This is what Broadway brings you; a proven talent, an incredible performer, and someone who is going to leave the crowd absolutely floored. As great as it is to use local talent, and I encourage it whenever you can, there is something so incredible about bringing in professional singers. 

We all think these performers are so hard to come by. But the truth is, they are available and they are ready to work. So, give them a call and take a leap of faith.  Everyone will be talking about that performance for weeks following the event.