Too often, a company putting on an event only thinks about what happens when guests make it into the venue. The truth is, if you want an event to have lasting impact, every moment you speak to the audience member is another chance to connect with them.

  • What are they seeing when they enter into the cocktail space? What messages are they receiving?
  • What about at their plates? What's happening there? How are you reaching them when it's just them and their place setting?
  • And when it's time for dessert; what have you done differently? How has the space changed? How has the message changed?
  • What's on the screen in between the keynote films? What's on the screen when dinner is playing?
  • And long before they have even gotten to the venue, how have you been promoting the event? Do they know what to expect?

At every moment, you have a chance to make a positive impression on the experience of an audience member. If you're not constantly reaching them, constantly checking in with them, then you're losing out on valuable metrics, potential donations, and long-term loyalty.