Think outside your lens, when it comes to entertainment. What feels right for the venue? What feels right for the theme of the night? I did an event for a hospital gala and the theme was “Answering the Call.” I found a band that was comprised of veterans from our armed forces. To me, this made perfect sense. Who better to answer the call than our soldiers? Plus, they could sing and play instruments. The client loved this idea.  That’s an example of thinking deeper about entertainment and letting it jive with the theme. This is how you make people stand out.

There are so many entertainment acts you can choose from. Dancers, wall walkers, people on stilts. These are all amazing artists, but do they fit your event? If you’re doing a casino event, and you want glitz and spectacle, then sure, throw in everything and the kitchen sink. But don’t bring a dancer on if It doesn’t make sense. Everything needs a purpose.