In the world of higher education, and any level of education, it's essential that you get your message out there. You have a great institution, you need to bring it to the eyes and ears of your audience. How can you tell your story and reach your campus community while still keeping to a budget? We have some thoughts.

Video: Create short videos that tell your story, highlight your students, and profile some of the programs you are putting on. They do not have to be perfect videos. Reach out to your Film Department, if you want to, and have the students help you. This not only gives them much needed experience in the field, but it makes your students feel like they have a hand in what happens on campus. Yes, larger campaigns call for more expertised film crews. But in some cases, your film students can be incredible resources for content.

Social Media: Your students live on their phones. Meet them there. Create content that they can respond to, share, and find humor in. The content should speak to their needs, their questions, and their concerns. If you don't meet them where they live, if you don't engage them in the ways they are used to, then you're going to lose their attention and their trust. If you have a social media coordinator, that's amazing. But let me ask you this, are you working from a message that resonates? Is your strategy tied into your message? If you don't have a defined strategy, then you're not going anywhere.

Programs: Think deeply about the programs that you offer. Are you forgetting about your staff and faculty? Are they feeling honored and appreciated? Are you creating events that show you care about their needs. Your staff and faculty are essential to the success of your university. If you aren't reaching them, then they will find another university that will. And also think about how these programs align with your strategy and overall messaging.

Outside Community: It's easy to live in your on-campus bubble. If you want to engage your campus community, you have to look outside the walls. Engage organizations in your town, meet with local volunteers, connect your faculty with researchers in the area, connect your students with potential mentors. And profile these interactions on a weekly basis. This not only bridges the divide between the town and the university, but it shows you are committed to the health and well-being of the whole city.

These are just a few of the many techniques you can implement to strengthen your university. Drop us a line and we'd be thrilled to tell you more.