Too often, organizations go to tactics that have worked with them in the past. Too often, they think that audiences will just show up to things. In our 24/7 ever-changing culture, this belief doesn't hold water anymore. You're fighting for everyone's attention. You're also fighting against people's ambivalence. Why should they volunteer for your organization when they can sit on the couch and catch the most recent episode of "This Is Us?"

It's imperative that you bring your story to them. if they live on their screens, create content that appeals to them. Content that they can watch and share with their friends. If they care about their community, bring your event to their doorstep. If you're looking for young people to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters, what are you doing to reach out to them? Are you meeting them in their neighborhood? Are you expecting them to come to you?

What is going to fit your audience? As much as I love video, all the videos in the world may not get your audience to donate, to connect, or to get involved. That is, unless you're creating a video with a message and call-to-action behind it. Otherwise, you're just creating a highlight reel. And highlight reels don't leave an impact.

What are you saying? How are you saying it? What's the meaning behind the outreach? Answer these questions before you start making things.