Every town should be thinking about how it is promoting its services to the general public. It's essential that you reach your audience where they live. How are you pushing your new park project? How are you reaching out to your citizens who are worried about the crime in their neighborhood? How are you making it known that you just started a street rebuilding project?

Nowadays, it takes more than a town hall meeting to reach people. If you're going to implement new projects, you need to have a message and a strategy behind it. If the goal is to get people behind your cause, then you have to provide them with materials that they respond to. I love my city of Baltimore, but one thing I would like to see improve is the way that it promotes its services to the general public. There are so many great initiatives taking shape that not everyone knows about. It's time for that to change. 

It starts with deciding on a message and a theme. Then, it's about finding the content vehicle that fits best for getting that message out there. Is it a video? Is it an app? Is it a Twitter campaign? Is it a bunch of events across town? Whatever it is, your goal is simple: get the message out there, make it known, and reach audiences. It doesn't matter how small or large your city is. You need a message, you need a direction, and you need to reach people.

We can help.