There are big questions facing higher education today. How are you attracting students? How are you attracting the top researchers? How are you bringing in the donations that will help you as you move forward? While these are all important questions, it's equally important to think about how you are speaking to your current students, staff, and faculty. It's vital to make sure they are happy and that they are feeling heard. Too many times, I have spoken with colleges and universities and they are not communicating with their team in the right away.

How do you fix this?

You meet them where they are. You listen to them, hear them, reach them.

Address their concerns: If they don't feel appreciated, fix it. Create programs that make them feel valued.

Don't stay in your bubble: There are big concerns that students, staff, and faculty have right now. You can't overlook this. 

As important as it is to focus on funding and donations, it's also necessary to make sure the people that make your university run are considered and valued and thought of. I think too often universities neglect this. I think it's time we focus on doing both. Building the culture of the campus community, listening to the campus climate, and still reaching alumni and donors who have the power to give. All this is possible.