Nowadays, video is a key way to reach your audience. We live on screens and digest video content like never before. But too often, people think a video is all you need to solve your problem. They think a boardroom and a nice camera is all you need to make the shoot happen. You run through all the pieces and look at the first cut of the video - and surprise! - you're off message and the video's not interesting. Here's what you did wrong:

There's no point: A bunch of archival footage mixed together doesn't do anything if there isn't a reason behind it. Where's your call-to-action? Where is your brand theme? How is your audience learning anything about you from this video? What you have is not a donor tool., What you have is a music video without a message.

Not Saying Anything: It doesn't have any audience in mind. Before you make anything, especially a video, you have to make sure you know who your audience is. If you lose out on that, your video is lost. Too many times, videos rely on interviews that end up not going anywhere. Each interview subject has to know what you are doing, what they are saying, and you have to get those answers out of them.

Telling Your Story Wrong: You have to figure out what your goals and objectives are early on. You have to make sure you have the direction of the video right. This has to be addressed not just at the beginning, but at every turn. And your vendor has to buy into this as well. if they go off the rails, the video is going to suffer. This happened to me once and it took lots of painful back and forth to finally get them back on the same page.