It's about telling a story, sure, but it's really about connecting to who you are at your core. At Glitter Corps, we listen to your needs, talk to your constituents, and figure out what's at the heart of your organization. The medium matters, of course. But what we try to carry home is this - are we getting your messaging right? Are we going with a theme that can carry itself through all your materials?

We don't make a film for you and call it a day. We don't make an event for you and then you never see us again. What we try to do is create a campaign that you can bring out in all your materials. So, even if you don't need our services anymore, your organization still has a direction to go with. That down the line, from your employees to your donors to your audience - it's all following a strategy that fits your unique self.

What makes us different? We don't hand you off to another vendor. We don't bring on another partner and you never hear from us again. We don't create in a bubble. We don't go for what's easy.

What do we do? We work with you from beginning to end. We work with your employees and leadership teams to make sure we are telling the correct story and that the campaign aligns with what you're doing throughout the organization. We create events, social media, and films, of course. But we go deeper than that. We create fully-realized, thought-out campaigns that connect with all your materials. And we do this because we believe in who you are and what makes your organization.

We're about making stories that bring about positive change in this world. Campaigns that connect with people and drive them your cause. A film is nothing without a message. An event is nothing without a theme. A campaign is nothing without a purpose. That's what separates us.

We find your message, we follow a theme, and we make sure every piece of content you put out has a purpose behind it.