How are you inspiring audiences? How are you showing the world what you can do? How are you rallying your donors? How are you connecting a need with a message? How are you giving audiences a reason to care? These aren't just filler questions. They are honest questions that your business, nonprofit, healthcare system needs to be asking. Below are just a few ways you can build a movement within your organization and inspire your base.

1. Get them excited: Your copy should jump off the page. Dig for stories within your organization. Find the profiles that excite people. Connect people to the history of your company. Highlight the programs that you love about your organization. If you are engaged, they will be engaged.

2. Gut feeling: It has to come from the gut. Donors have to feel inspired to give. They have to feel committed to you. Alumni need to know they are investing in programs that matter to their lives as well. If you're a healthcare firm, connect a giving initiative with a tangible story that shows how necessary giving is. 

3. Talk to your audience: You have to listen to them. You have to hear what they are saying. You have really understand what they like, what they don't, what works for them, what doesn't. Don't go for what's easy.

A movement begins when people believe in something. When they will go to battle for it, feel inspired by it, and be moved by it. Your content needs to instill these feelings in your audience. Across the board. People go to the streets for causes because they believe in what the organization can do. You have to instill the same kind of feeling in your audience. They have to believe in you.