Companies can be scared of it. Politicians can hide from it. Firms can scoff at it. But as often as companies want to shy away from it, they know it's what they need. They know this is the one thing that's going to separate them from the crowd. And what is this elusive thing? Emotion.

If every company says they want to tell their story, but they don't think emotion needs to be in it, then they are making a mistake. If every digital agency says they know how to tell a story, but they don't get to the heart of the company, then they're not changing anything. Every business, no matter you are, need to emotionally connect with their audience. Whether you're selling cures, selling cranes, or selling carpet. It doesn't matter. Something has to connect with your audience. It can be joy, laughter, pain, hurt, sorrow, pride. Whatever the case may be, whatever the "what" is,  you have to bring that to your audience.

When commercials fail, it's because they sold the product and not the experience. When nonprofits don't get donations, lots of times it's because they didn't connect their cause with the emotions of the audience. When movements fail, it's because they lost what brought them to the batter's box in the first place. Every product has a reason for being and every audience members has a reason to invest. Connect the two together and that's where the alchemy starts to happen.