You have an upcoming event, and you want to make a difference. How do you do this? Well, there are many avenues you can take.

Theme: What is your theme? Why are we here? What are you saying? The first thing to do is think about what is the connective thread running through the night. What is going to link all the pieces together?

Script: The speeches need to leave a dent on the audience. They need to be honest, heartfelt. They shouldn't be too long, though. Too many times, i have been to events where speaker after speaker is going 20 minutes. This is death to your event.

Video: Create video content that brings your message to the audience and aligns with your theme. Videos not only get your message out, but they break up the monotony of the night. Your audience will thank you.

Entertainment: Think outside the box. Yes, you could go with the tried and true local band. But what about going deeper? Why not reach out to Broadway musicians? Why not think about Veterans who now perform? What about a dance number specifically tied to the theme of the event?

It's about making your event leave a mark on your audience. And the way to do that is to push the boundaries of what you're used to.