Whether you're a hospital, a nonprofit, or an agency, the same thread connects you all: you have to figure out who you are and what you're selling.

What kind of company are you? What kind of experience are you? Whenever someone buys something, or donates something, they're hoping for an experience out of it. If they are donating to a flood relief, they want to know their dollars are going to see things improve. They have that feeling of reassurance that they are doing something good. Which they are. If they are buying tickets to your museum, it's because they hope that this museum is going to bring out many positive feelings within them. Joy, pain, sadness, hurt, humor, happiness - that's what they are expecting when they walk through those doors and look at your paintings. Many times, it's a product, and that's ok. If you're a tall ship and your main goal is bringing people onto the shop for boat rides, that's what you're selling. FIgure out who you are, figure out the experience you offer these guests, and get that message out there.

It may not sound right to say you're selling, but that's what you are. You're selling a feeling, a moment, a memory, an experience. What's going to turn that person form a onlooker into a buyer? WHat's going to turn that person from an armchair activist into a donor who puts his dollars towards making the world a better place?

Know who you are. Connect to the viewer. Make the experience for them.