In times like these, where people are scared and unsure of the institutions they once trusted, it's necessary for healthcare to keep putting its inclusive message out there.

People want to know they are taking part in a healthcare system that understands them and their families. They want to know that they are going to a doctor who they can trust. LGBT folks, for instance, aren't always sure that a doctor has their best interest at heart. Many may feel that they can't be as honest with their doctor as they would like.

Healthcare must bring forth its message that it welcomes all. They must do this by hiring diverse staff, educating a wide range of people, and  empowering their patients to become active participants. Patients of diverse communities want to know that their health care system is open, honest, and welcoming of all people.

How do you do this?

Consistent messaging: make it known throughout your materials that you are committed to a diverse workforce

Storytelling: Highlight your diverse workforce and celebrate who they are

Events: Take part in events that spotlight underrepresented groups. Engage with social issues across your community. Do not close yourself off to what's happening in the outside world.