1. We Listen: We hear what they have to say. We look at what they have done in the past and what they are hoping to achieve. We don't go with what we think is best. We go with what is best for them. It's not about us, it's about them.

2. We Innovate: We look at new trends, we think outside the box, we try to find that nice mix between what's new and hot versus what fits with their needs.

3. We Write: Words can move mountains. We don't just put together a concept and hand it off to a freelancer. We meet the teams, we meet the key players, and we put pen to paper and do the work that really leads to impact.

4. We Advocate: Too many times, we have seen vendors do their own thing. Too many times, vendors put their needs first, fight back, push back, and think they know what is right. We've seen this, and we can't stand it. We are there for the client, whenever they need it. Too many vendors say they have the client's best interest and then prove otherwise. That's not us.

5. We Play: We find joy in everything we do, we bring laughter into every meeting, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. What we take serious is the work we create. We give advice, we take feedback, and we think about what feels right for the client. Most of all, we have fun. This is an experience we are all living together, why not make it something enjoyable?