Whether you're a university, a high school, or K-8, it's important to think about how you are celebrating your achievements and getting your story out there. Schools have to think, "What am I making that showcases how great my school is?" Schools need to think about what they want to highlight, what programs they want to bring to the eyes and ears of their people, and how they are putting themselves out there.

For some, it may be trying to reach donors. For others, maybe you have a diversity initiative that you want to bring to the forefront. Whatever it is, it matters what you say and how you say it. This thinking must turn into action. What's your messaging? What do your donors respond best to? What do you think will really get your work out there?

Is there a teacher doing innovative work? Is there a sports team that's doing exceptionally well? What about your drama club? Or your science club? What about your alumni? What are they doing out there? Don't think small. Focus on the achievements and the hidden stories and let those be your guide.