You have two choices when it comes to events: fill them with wonder, or don't. Wonder is about making people feel something. No matter how granular the concept, no matter how dense the material. You bring wonder into your event when you think about the audience, you create content that excites people, and you really consider how your audience feels. Wonder doesn't have to be flashy, nor does it have to be glitz and glamour. Whatever your event is about, there is a way to bring a sense of wonder. Are you talking about cloud computing? Well, then, what excites your guests? How are you moving them? What are you doing that would make them smile? How are you engaging them? How are you making cloud computing exciting? Across the board, it all begins with wonder. This makes people remember you, it makes them come back for more, it makes them buy your product.

It's in the colors you use, the words you say, the signage you create, the photos you share, the food you serve, the lights you display, the speakers you choose. It's all about wonder.