In too many cases, video firms sell their clients on that one large film that, they hope, will really demonstrate who they are. While this is a good idea, and it it does hold merit, companies should also consider the potential that multiple videos have. It's not just internet news sites leading this trend, if companies want to compete, they should consider creating shorter, mroe easily-digestible videos.

Viewer attention-span is decreasing; viewers are watching more videos on their phones, and less on their computers. They want quick, simple, to-the-point videos that both show and tell. At Glitter Corps, while we are huge fans of the one large video, we also let clients know how important it is to make multiple videos. If you have lots to say, lots of programs to highlight, creating 1-2 minute videos can go a long way in getting your message out there.

You want to make a 10-15 minute film, then do it. That's an entirely different beast. But if you're looking at a film that's 5-8 minutes long, it might be in your best interest to break the video into three 1-2 minute videos. That way, you're still telling your story and you have the greatest opportunity for impact.