I was at a wedding last weekend, and it got me thinking about joy. This was a simple wedding; a few toasts, dinner, and then mostly dancing. But what made it fun was the joy all the guests seemed to be having. It was 100 degrees, and still, everyone was having a blast. And the question I have is rather simple: why is joy so hard to come by in most other events? 

Now, you might say, "it's a wedding, of course everyone was having a good time." The truth is, not all weddings are created equal. Not all of them are joyful. Some are terrible. The point is, you have to bring in joy to really make an impact. Why can't a tradeshow be full of joy? Why can't a fundraiser be as much fun as a really wild wedding? Here's the thing, it can be.

You bring joy when you always have food available, when you think about every moment that is engaging the audience. You bring joy when you welcome guests in, make them feel appreciated, and listen to their needs. You bring joy when you make the event personal, unique, and focused. 

Creating joy is not this elusive thing. What are you doing? What are you making? What do the walls says, what do the monitors say, what's your registration table like? Are you making things with the guest in mind? Are you creating things that make them laugh, make them cry, and make them think? How are you going beyond the typical? That's what makes a great wedding. That's what makes a great event.