Too often, organizations go about running their ship in two ways: they either thrive on disruption, always looking to reinvent the wheel, or they stay stagnant, unsure of what to do next. In my experience, there has to be a middle ground somewhere. You can't stay in what was, but you also can't change so often that customers (and employees) have no idea where you're going. We don't live in "Business As Usual" times. But we also live in times where, I think, people are looking for something solid to hold onto. It's about innovating, staying grounded, and speaking truth to your cause. That means changing when you need to, making choices that might cause an uproar, and relying on your customers to be there with you. 

Are you being hampered by your mission? Are you bypassing your mission for the sake of innovation? Do you even know what your mission is?