I grew up on comic books. They were my first foray into storytelling and how design, pictures, movement, and words can all work as one. Today, as I face Year Two of Glitter Corps, I think about those principles that were taught to me so long ago (ok, not that long ago!). I think about the heroes that save the day; I think about the colors and images and how they conveyed emotion. Most of all, I think about the power of words. Comics, unlike books and movies, have a limited space for words. Because of this, every word has to make sense, every word has to do justice to the story. I think about this when I write a speech, craft a film, or pitch a campaign. The words sell the concept, move the audience, and galvanize the message. And more than that, I think about the joy comics used to (and still do) bring me. I try to bring that into everythign I do.