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Growing Your Community

No matter what organization you run, you have to look at your customers as a community. That's what folks are looking for. They want to know you understand them, they want to feel empowered by their support of you, and they want to feel good about investing in your organization. Your donors, your customers, your clients, your evangelists - it's all about building a community. Even in our digitized world, people are looking for connection at all times. Once you know this, you need to start treating them like they live in your community, like they live right down the block from you. How are you talking to them? How are you meeting them? And how are you supporting them?

5 Things That Make Your Event Pop


Video – Video is a great way to showcase your story. You can do this through personal interviews as well as photo montages. It breaks up the event and gives your guests room to breathe

Performance – Bring in performers to open and close the event. Make it fun, make it lively give it purpose. 

Your hosts – Your emcees aren’t just there to move the night along. They are vital to what people see and hear. Do they have hidden talents? Do they want to do something more off-the-cuff? Whatever it is, listen to them and think of ways to involve them

Music – Do more with your music than just standard walk-in music. Showcase a decade spanning mix of music. Bring in music people aren’t used to. Connect with a DJ and get him to do more than just play the hits.

Invites – Your invite is a chance to showcase your event from the very beginning. If you’re a business school doing an event, how can your invite be just as intelligent as your school? Maybe make a maze, maybe make it a question and answer, make the recipient have fun with your invite. Whatever it is, make it personal and make it feel like you

Why Healthcare Needs Events

More than ever, people don't know what is going to happen to their healthcare. There are tons of things happening right now, decisions being made, and no one has the answers. To counter this, it's imperative that healthcare institutions meet customers where they are. They must speak to their community in a way that eases their worries and brings them into the conversation. This means engaging their base, emboldening their employees, and honoring their donors. Making the case for healthcare is essential in the world today. 

How do you do this? You create events that mean something. Events with a message. Events that speak to your community in a way that brochures just can't. Take the words off the page and bring them to the mic. Bring that social media campaign to a live event experience that visibility impacts hearts and minds. Events are one of the best ways you can reach people. Whether it's an event honoring your nurses, or an event honoring your donors, you have to meet them. Showcase who you are, what you have done, and what you will continue to do. In a world of uncertainty, healthcare institutions can't sit idly by. If they do, people are going to go elsewhere.

Emotional Storytelling

Companies can be scared of it. Politicians can hide from it. Firms can scoff at it. But as often as companies want to shy away from it, they know it's what they need. They know this is the one thing that's going to separate them from the crowd. And what is this elusive thing? Emotion.

If every company says they want to tell their story, but they don't think emotion needs to be in it, then they are making a mistake. If every digital agency says they know how to tell a story, but they don't get to the heart of the company, then they're not changing anything. Every business, no matter you are, need to emotionally connect with their audience. Whether you're selling cures, selling cranes, or selling carpet. It doesn't matter. Something has to connect with your audience. It can be joy, laughter, pain, hurt, sorrow, pride. Whatever the case may be, whatever the "what" is,  you have to bring that to your audience.

When commercials fail, it's because they sold the product and not the experience. When nonprofits don't get donations, lots of times it's because they didn't connect their cause with the emotions of the audience. When movements fail, it's because they lost what brought them to the batter's box in the first place. Every product has a reason for being and every audience members has a reason to invest. Connect the two together and that's where the alchemy starts to happen.

What's your strategy?

For businesses, the stories you tell about your business are essential components of getting eyes on your product and customers to open their wallets. Stories of your employees, stories of your brand, stories of how your company came to be, stories of your product. There are so many ways to bring customers into your unique identity.

What we do at Glitter Corps is a little different. It's more than just a video. It's more than just a tweet or a Facebook post. What we do is create a full-fledged messaging strategy that sets the tone for your materials. Videos, tweets, posts, likes - those are all just tactics that should, at all times, refer back to your strategy. Your strategy guides you. It's your compass. It points you in the right direction and it influences all of your content. Well, it should. You would be surprised how many businesses go into the market without a clearly defined strategy. Sometimes, they still succeed. But by doing this, by going forward without a plan, a business risks losing revenue and not reaching the vast audience that a strategy brings.

What are you saying? Why are you saying it? How are you saying it? What rationale do you have for what you are doing? What's the big idea? What's the focus? Everything you do should come back to the strategy, the purpose, the reason, the message, the rationale. And this should find itself beyond the digital. Your mailing campaigns should align to your strategy. If you are an event company, your banners and displays should all speak to the strategy. Your strategy defines your theme, your messaging, the feeling of your campaign. It's what makes the impact.

Strategy: it all starts there. Drops us a line and let's figure out yours.